“Engage Your Project Team”

We provide Building Information Modeling Services.

We provide client advisory in BIM requirements and Management. We can Play the role of Project BIM Manager on your behalf. Model Review and Clash Detection Services. in addition to enabling Services and training for design firms and contractors.

Why should owners care about BIM (Building Information Modeling and Management)? How does this technology improve profitability and deliver value to owners?

If you want to drastically reduce the chance of schedule delays caused by coordination issues and be the driver on getting the facility you’re expecting, then you should consider investing in BIM.

Most real estate and infrastructure investors (OWNERS) are unfamiliar with (BIM), but BIM has significant potential for development projects. As you begin to make BIM an integral part of your projects, it’s important to have realistic expectations.

  • We will help you to know how to Monitor and Manage the information modeling of your assets and its’ outcomes.
  • Be introduced to BIM and why it is important. the terminology relating to BIM.
  •  Understand the basic principles, processes and procedures of BIM. Inline with UK BIM Level 2 Process Standards.
  • Understand the value of information through all stages of a project and asset lifecycle.
  • Understand why BIM is a determining factor for delivering projects on time and without waste and inefficiencies.
  • Identify the business case for BIM in your project. Set your BIM Goals.
  • Identify who and how to engage with the right stakeholders at each stage of the project lifecycle.
  • What is the interaction of process, technology and people in a BIM environment
  • Understand the technology and the common data environment that supports BIM.
  • Know how BIM requirements can be implemented within the project legal, procurement and tendering framework.
  • Awareness of international BIM initiatives and information standards.
  • Enable Issue management workflow within the BIM Process.
  • Awareness of BIM Software.