“Engage Your Project Team”

We capture your construction site and facilities in 360° degree.

your virtual facility is handed over on USB drive to be read on free computer application.



  • reference for Facility, spaces, and equipments information.
  • As-Built Documentation
  • Space Planning
  • OAC Meeting Visuals (Coordination Meetings)
  • Compare with 3D BIM model in case of remodeling
  • Remote maintenance and project planning,
  • Immersive distance workplace training
  • Immersive distance space tour


  • Ability of Capturing of Unlimited 360° Pictures and Unlimited Sheets
  • Floorplan (Sheets) Integration & Navigation and active arrows similar to street view.
  • Attachment of Documents & Other Files (Notes, Docs, PDFs, Videos, …)
  • Linking of External Documents & URLs
  • Integration & Playback of Audio Recordings
  • Annotation & Comment Creation
  • Measurements in 360°
  • 360 Markup Creation
  • VR Support for Virtual Reality Viewing Experience