“Engage Your Project Team”

We capture your construction site and facilities in 360° 4K technology.

Your virtual facility stays live with online shareable link for your selected duration, after that it can be handed over for offline viewing on your PC.


  • As-Built Documentation
  • add remarks and snag lists
  • Site Planning
  • Progress Tracking, Construction project progress monitoring
  • In-Wall & Pre-Pour Documentation
  • OAC Meeting Visuals (Coordination Meetings)
  • Change Order & RFI
  • Compare with 3D BIM model Documentation


  • Ability of Capturing of Unlimited 360° Pictures and Unlimited Sheets
  • Floorplan (Sheets) Integration & Navigation and active arrows similar to street view.
  • TimeTravel Creation Comparing & Viewing, allows you to capture progress over time by adding multiple 360° pictures to the same location point on a sheet. Whether you capture daily, weekly, or monthly project updates, this features allows you to manage your site documentation in one place and keep your stakeholders up to date. With Time Travel you are able to organize all your progress documentation in one project and only ever share one project link with your stakeholders. It’s especially useful when checking out what was behind the wall before you closed it up or to check out where your team placed the rebar before you poured concrete. or elecrical and mechanical first fixes routs under finishes.
  • Attachment of Documents & Other Files (Notes, Docs, PDFs, Videos, …)
  • Linking of External Documents & URLs
  • Integration & Playback of Audio Recordings
  • Annotation & Comment Creation
  • Warning Creation
  • Measurements in 360°
  • 360 Markup Creation
  • 360 MarkupList Creation & Management
  • VR Support for Virtual Reality Viewing Experience

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